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Originally Posted by Goomph View Post
Were you able to do this ? If you did do you mind explaining it as I need to do the same thing?

This forum is a tad weird in the sense that they choose which questions they will answer. I asked a question some time and it never got answered. I had to go to other forums to get a reply.

Good luck with it ...
Hi I order this part and then I realized that my unit is still under warranty. The issue of my unit are it freezes on the last two drawers on the right side which case to freeze this particular part. I called GE and they fixed it for me.

These are the things that they fix.

a. replaced AP3205548
b. they used 2 pcs part WR02X10471.

Using a and b above to assemble every thing. So the tube from letter a was cut and using part b to connect both tubes end. Every thing was done inside the ref.

They replaced the dumber too. They say this will fixed the freezing issue.

I hope this help...
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