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Default Insinkerator 77

Originally Posted by rccurry View Post
Hi HelmHog,

What I figured out was the plastic is all one piece that is a liner that forms the outlet from the disposal. I think it cracked, allowing water to corrode the case, causing it to deform the poly outlet tube.
Surprisingly, I didn't have much water infiltrate the motor assembly, but it was the demise of the machine, I ended up buying a new one!

The new ones are amazingly quiet!

Hi Randy,

My problem was exactly the same as yours - poly outlet tube deformed and folded back on itself through incorrect attachment and sealing of O-ring and metal adapter plate to outlet pipe, restricting water flow and promoting sludge build-up. Took unit to local repairer who replaced whole central casing and innards for A$295. He mentioned that unit should run for another 25 years and they are one of the best and solid units ever built. Replacement price for similar unit was over A$1,500. Very Happy camper!

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