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Originally Posted by denman View Post
Here is the manual for these unit which should help

The connectors are different, but shouldn't the functionality be the same?
A timer will probably cost you more in energy since it does not vary the defrost cycle frequency.

You list your unit 5 to 10 years old so if this is the first one you have replaced I personally would replace it with an adaptive board.

If you do decide to go the timer route you could use another model number from the manual to find a timer that will fit properly.

Awesome, thanks for the manual. I had googled everywhere for that!

Guess I'm a bit miffed seeing they use a PIC microcontroller on the ADB. I have some experience with PICs. Like any uC they can latch up, requiring a power-off reset. This is not a technology I would have chosen to replace a simpler, more reliable mechanical timer. Also, the mech timer appears to have 15A contacts where the ADB relay is rated at 10A.

The marginal power savings of an ADB even over several years is easily wiped out by me having to spend a weekend tearing the fridge apart, and buying replacement components.

From the manual it looks like the mech timer upgrade is relatively straightforward. I have some crimp lugs for it.

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