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Originally Posted by adam22 View Post
I have a Bosch Dishwasher (Model SHU3035UC). The dishwasher wonít drain. There is standing water in the bottom of the unit. I can actually hear the water circulating through the arms when the dishwasher is in that part of the cycle, but when itís in the part of the cycle where it wants to pump the water out to the sink, I hear a humming noise, and nothing happens. The humming is softer that Iíve heard before when the unit is actually successfully pumping the water out.

Iím willing to try to change out some parts, and Iím willing to change a few parts just to be sure Iím covering my bases. The problem is, I donít know what to change.

This may or may not be related, but this unit has also had two other problems: it has the dial type cycle selector/timer, and that has occasionally gotten stuck so the dishwasher doesnít finish its cycle. Also, this dishwasher has leaked out the front door occasionally (but not recently). I bought the unit in 2003 or so, and I would throw in the towel if it didnít do such a nice job on the dishes.

Thanks for any help!

If you're hearing a humming noise when it should be draining it sounds like you're getting power to the drain pump. Probably need to look at the pump and see if something may be stuck in it. If nothing is blocking it, then maybe it is locked up and just humming not actually running. Don't overlook something blocking the drain hose from the DW to wherever it goes into your plumbing.

Below is a pic of the drain pump.

Part number: AP2802385

Part number: AP2802385
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