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Default 'Panasonic starts then stops' - got it fixed

Got it fixed! - Here's the story
- Drove 60 miles one-way to drop off Microwave at the nearest Panasonic Repair place. Explained situation to them. (120 miles round trip - ~$20 in gas)
- Two weeks later, drove back to pick up. Repair place could not find problem? (120 miles round trip - ~$20 in gas + $35 service fee)
- Called up local appliance dealer and pleaded with them to look at this. I delivered to them and they immediately indicated it was the "magnetron", but would look it over for me. Couple days later, I called them and they gave me the web site and part number to order and indicated I should order it. Once I received the $40 part, I took it down to appliance dealer and they installed it for $50.

- Total cost for this repair = 20+20+35+40+50=$165

Rather costly repair, but pleased its working like new.

Lessons learned - REALLY question taking items to Authorized Panasonic Repair place. If the same situation arrives, I will order the part online and install it myself for $40 total cost.
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