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Thumbs up Free fix to Maytag bake element won't heat

Originally Posted by Derswick View Post
The bake element of my Maytag oven burnt out. I have replaced the element with a new one and now the new one will not heat up. Everything else seems to be working. Broil, stove top, clock, timer ect.

Hi- thought I'd offver my experience that fixed my Maytag double oven for free. (well after $35.00 for a element I didn't need.)

My lower bake element would not heat up, with AC meter I noticed only 120 VAC on one of the leads to the elements, the other lead was 0 VAC, I removed the back of the unit. (yes I did this after I ordered the element) I traced each wire looking for burn or break, through the high limit SW and on up to the back of the main display/circuit board, using the schematic I found on this site, quite easy. I noticed the dead lead connecting to a black 1 and half inch SQ box-looking relay which was soldered onto the main circuit board, (on on the far left of several others). With the meter on the dead wire & ground I pressed on the relay gently pushing left to right- BAM the dead lead to burner came alive. I pulled the main power, straighented each metal stand-off the circuit board is mounted on, then raised the board with all wires still connected. On back side of board was a cold solder joint, and simply heating up then dabbing on new solder fixed the problem, still working fine.

Sorry for the length of this but it was a easy free fix. Tool-Tim
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