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Here are your parts with a wiring diagram
Replacement parts for MAYTAG PYET244AYW Dryer - Ele |

First check power going to the machine with a meter.
L1 to L2 should be 240 volts
L1 to Neutral and L2 to Neutral, both should be 120 volts.

Door switch works. Thermostat above heating element is closed (continuity test).
There should be two devices on the heater assembly. The smaller one is the thermal fuse, see Item 5 in Section 4.

Suspect the thermostat in front near dryer duct. It has four terminals. One pair are closed but the other pair show resistance ~ 3 Ohms. It didn't fix the problem
This is the cycling thermostat and has nothing to do with starting the motor.
One set of connections on it are the contacts, should be 0 ohms at room temperature. The other set of connections are an internal heater (used to provide lower dry temperatures), it should be 30,000 ohms not 3. Could it be that you were using the X10K meter scale which then would be 30,000 ohms.

My thermostat has 120 V written on it while the new one that I tried replacing it with had 240 on it. All the other numbers were the same.and I don't know if this voltage difference is significant.

Not sure what the different voltages means. In any case it should not effect starting.

Not sure where all the thermostats are. Are there others that I could test or is there a fuse?
A thermal fuse on the heater, a hi-limit thermostat on the heater and a cycling thermostat on the blower

I see something in my circuit diagram that says motor protector. It looks like I need to remove the drum to get at it.

This is built into the motor and is not a separate device.

I tried replacing the timer, but that did not fix the problem.

Here is the circuit path for starting the motor:
NEUTRAL , THERMAL FUSE , DOOR SWITCH C/NO , MOTOR 1C , motor's MOTOR PROTECTOR , motor's RUN and AUX windings , motor's centrifugal switch 2B and A to 2B , timer contact S , PUSH TO START switch , timer contacts L/M , L1

Once the motor starts the centrifugal switch closes, B2 to 7. This disconnects the AUX (start) winding and the motor gets power through L/M timer contacts
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