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Here are your parts
Escutcheon & door assembly replacement parts for GE ZBD6880N00SS |

However when you load the dishwasher and let's say a 1/4 cup of liquid is on the door... as you shut the door a small puddle of water forms right under the door about 5 inches in from the left side of the dishwasher.
Sorry I do not follow this at all.
Where is this 1/4 cup of liquid coming from?
I do not understand why there would be liquid on the top (inside) door panel when you open it up.
Also you say it is liquid. Could it be that it is rinse aide?
Could be that a seal for the rinse aid or vent is leaking during wash. The water then may collect inside the door, when you open the door it drains to the outside panel and drains out when you re-close then door.
I would also check the spray arms for a crack or a partially clogged hole which may be spraying the water out at a weird angle causing a problem.

Very weird.
I would open the door up to see what if anything is going on.
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