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Default Ice still clumping. This problem will not go away!

Monday –7pm - I replaced the defrost thermostat, emptied the ice bucket and thawed the pooled water that had frozen at the bottom of the bucket.

Tuesday- 8am – the ice bucket is full enough to block the control arm and stop the ice maker. The crescents were loose. I was out of the house all day and returned at 7pm to find the ice had clumped (thawed and frozen together) –had to use a meat tenderizer to break up the clumps. The full ice bucket with loose ice was returned to the freezer. The ice maker cycled a couple of times and then was stopped by cubes caught between the arm and the body.

Wednesday From 10:30am I started a log of the freezer air temp (external gauge with the probe above the ice maker): Of 12 temps observed the highest was 34.5F, the lowest –8.8F. The the compressor and fan would typically cut on when the temp reached 28F and the temp would drop below 0F in 3-4 minutes. The crescents remained loose through the last observation at 1:20am Thursday. 30 hours had passed since I had broken up the last clumps (Tuesday pm).

Thursday 10:10am I noted the temp at 18F. The icemaker control arm was still blocked so the icemaker was off. I touched the mold under the icemaker and felt no heat. The crescents were still loose. By 10:16 it had risen to 49.7F. I watched helplessly as the air temp rose to 73.4F until the compressor and evaporator fan finally cut on at 10:32am. The temp then dropped in a straight line to 0.7F by 11:44am (72 minutes to recover). The ice had definitely ‘clumped’ again.

Notes: The 73F seen today is higher than the 66F hit before replacing the thermostat. But both seem quite unacceptable.

What else could be causing this intermittent temp spike? HELP!
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