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Default Continuity

Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Do not rush with the parts. You have to have a simple multimeter to perform the diagnosis and find out which part is really bad and the first thing you should do is verify if there is 240 VAC at the wall outlet for the dryer.

In order to disassemble the dryer:

1. Pull out and remove the lint screen.
2. While lifting the front corners of the cabinet top, press a putty knife against the left and right top clips, and release them from the top. Rotate the cabinet top up and rest it against a wall.
3. Disconnect the door switch connector from the harness connector.
4. Remove the left and right screws from the inside of the cabinet front.
5. Pull the cabinet front forward slightly, lift and unhook it from the two bottom hangers, and remove the front.
6. Reach under the drum to the drive motor and push the idler wheel arm to
relieve the spring tension on the belt, then slide the belt off the motor pulley.
7. Lift the drum and remove it with the belt from the dryer

You have to check for continuity all thermostats in the heating circuit in accordance with the wiring diagram, and the heating element.

Thanks Gene ... its quite a bit more complicated to get into than my old dryer where the back just popped off. LOL

As for 240 VAC I assume it is there since the dryer has been installed and operating in the same place for 9 yrs. Guess I'll have to go to the hardware store and get a multimeter and work through the wiring diagram.

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