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I ran my hand through the ice Friday afternoon to make sure it was loose and not clumped together anywhere. Then I raised the arm and shut off the icemaker. The freezer air temp at this point was -2F. I went out of town for two days (no one else is in the house). In returning this afternoon, the arm was still up and no additional ice had been made. The ice now was refrozen together which made even removing the ice bucket difficult. Obviously the freezer temp had spiked at some point over the last two days. Once the ice bucket was removed, I was able to free up individual crescents by beating the frozen chunks with a metal meat tenderizer. The freezer went into a defrost cycle approximately an hour after I reinstalled the bucket with the freed-up chunks of ice. When I noticed the cycle, the freezer air temp had already risen to 25F. The compressor and fan were off. When the cycle ended about 10 minutes later and the compressor and fan restarted, the freezer temp had reached a high of 28F and was down to 4.4F within 5 minutes. This was in line with previous observations except for the one 66F high noted in a previous post. I ordered a defrost timer before you posted your last response. According to tracking it should arrive Monday afternoon. Should I install it or will that just cloud the problem? Your thoughts?
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