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Here are the parts
Section replacement parts for WHIRLPOOL LER2614DW0 |

Here is the wiring diagram

My whirlpool dryer keeps burning through thermal fuses.
Which one? The unit has two.

checked exhaust vent to outside (clean).
Did you check that the louvers opened full with the dryer on.

This time I visually inspected and made sure element was not grounding on heat cover
Best to use a meter as sometimes you cannot see where it is grounding.
Remove both wires from it, measure it should be about 10 ohms. Then switch to a higher meter scale and measure each contact to the frame both should be infinity.

and tested hi-limit on blower cover on the stove.
I believe the blower cover has a thermal fuse and the cycling thermostat.
The heater housing has a hi-limit thermostat and another thermal fuse.
Note these are sold as a set with the hi-limit switching about 50 degrees below the fuse blow out.

Dryer did not feel very warm but the motor was (hotter than the blower and heat ducts themselves).

It could be that you have a motor problem the fuses are designed to blow by temperature but they can also blow by high current.

I hope the above helps !!

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