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OK, Weekend #2....

So I took the D/W out from under the counter and put it up on blocks so I could get a good view and ran it. It's for sure not just a hose...darn. Anyway, the leak is clearly from the seal from the shaft for the butterfly valve in the pump tank. And you're right, taking the assembly apart is a real pain. I figured I didn't have anything to lose if I tried taking it apart to see if I could just replace the shaft, seal and valve parts. My fall back was to purchase the entire assembly anyway if I failed or damaged it. I gave up after an hour. Thanks so much for all your help. Your expertise is greatly appreciated and your diagnosis was 100% accurate!


Thanks for the input. I did check for debris when I disassembled the unit and it was pretty clean. No hope of getting GE to pick up the tab. My Mother in Law bought this place 9 years ago and the D/W was there then.

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