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Thanks, denman. That wiring diagram is just what I was looking for. And the links to the DIY help sites will come in handy too.

Here's a related set of questions regarding the replacement of the compressor:

I intend to use this fridge in the garage as a back-up & maybe to keep live bait, extra sodas beer & ice. Appearance, efficiency and quietness aren't high on the priority list. So how about using an "other" brand of compressor?

...Especially since an exact replacement is SO pricey, and ******** offerings are SO inexpensive, and because of this legal action.

From my rookie's-eye viewpoint, it appears that if an "other" brand replacement will physically fit and has a matching footprint, the same electrical specs, nearly identical plumbing, and the same R134A capacity, one should be as effective as another.

I have a sharply-limited fixed income, so it's either fix it or scrap it. Buying a new fridge isn't an option. Which leads to my final and probably most important question: Notwithstanding plenty of printed cautionaries saying "professional service required", what are the prospects of a reasonably-determined guy with a lifetime background of trouble-shooting & repair of "stuff" successfully replacing the refrigerator's compressor? My instinct tells me the trickiest part will be introducing the fresh R134A charge and sealing the system.

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