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I have digital which reads 1 when not touching. I got another high limit switch and they both open and read the same until they close so I assume they are good???
Yes, they also look good to me also

The heating element case does touch the cabinet but I don't see how it could not since it is screwed to the cabinet.
The element should feed through insulators into the case.
Note: the element runs off 240 volts(L1 to L2) with all the control thermostats wired is series with it so if it touches the case (Neutral) it can do all sorts of weird and not so wonderful things depending where it touches.

Can I test the control stat the same way and if so, what am I looking for since we have 4 terminals
Yes you should be able to.
A 4 terminal thermostat is usually 2 terminals for the contacts and two terminals for an internal heater. This heater is turned on for different temp selections, it adds heat to the thermostat causing it to cycle more often, reducing the machines temperature. Usually it measures around 4 or 5 kilohms.

Do not know if you have a wiring diagram, if not take a look inside the control console. They like to put it in there. Getting wiring diagrams for a GE off the web is difficult to say the least. They like to keep that info secret and keep their techs busy. So I cannot be 100% sure about the above as I do not have a wiring diagram.
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