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Originally Posted by abengoa View Post
I have a Kenmore 70 series! The dryer starts and heat but it does not spin. I suspect a broken belt.

If it is a broken belt.

1. How do I access the belt on the dryer? (I went through the back an there was more stuff that I needed to dismantle, so before I proceed do I need to access it from the top) Are there any diagrams that I can look at.

2. If it is a broken belt what belt do I need to purchase.
I have a petty good idea but 70 series is not the model number.
List the complete model. It will start with 3 numbers followed by
a decimal point with more numbers after it.
Check out both of these videos. Between the two of these you
should get a pretty good visual on how to get in and out of the dryer.
Belt replacement
YouTube - DIY Home Repairs. Replacing Your Dryer Belt

Roller replacement
YouTube - Whirlpool Dryer Repair video

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