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Originally Posted by sidfink43 View Post
Can you re check your model number, the one you posted does not come up.

If this is a standard top loader, see if you can take off the front panel and inspect the belt. See if it is hung up in any manner, then take it off and see if the motor is turning in spin cycle. Then unplug the machine and see if you can turn the pulley.

If you need more info, post the model number and the result of the above.

Sidfink 43.
Thanks for your reply .The model is GW058k earlier
version of GW611.It does not have a belt but a direct drive
brushless motor.I have found the fault and fixed it.
I checked out all the circuitry with a meter everything seemed ok.
I then rechecked the lid switch and got intermittent readings. I cleaned
the switch with a contact cleaner and a sspray of CRC that got the switch prforing correctly but not the machine
Looking further I found that the wireing connector to the pump
were corroded.I gave them the same treatment now the machine
is running like new. This model is popular in NZ.
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