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Originally Posted by Fishfool View Post
Inquiry to
I have a Magic Chef LP gas stove Model No. 22RA-4Z, which is in a 1996 travel trailer. I am getting a slight propane gas smell from one of the burner knobs. Your web page doesn't show that particular model. Can a seperate knob with their short extensions be ordered for this model, or does one have to order the entire five knob setup with the propane delivery tube the knob extensions attach to?
Thank you.

Dear Stewart,
We are unable to pull up that exact model number in our database. Please refer to our repair forum, our factory trained technicians may be able to suggest a compatible part.

Does anyone have information on this?
Stewart, I have same problem with KitchenAid gas (LP) cooktop. Every time I turned the burner off, I got a puffback. Found errosion at the end of the burner near the venturi tube. I cannot get a replacement for this 1990 cooktop as the part was discontinued in 2007. Wish you better luck.
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