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Default ice maker thermostat

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Thanks, Gene,
I see the thermostat on the parts diagram, so maybe I am trying to check the ice maker the wrong way and not letting it get cold enough. Is there a threshold temperature at which the thermostat allows the motor to run and above which it does not? The older motor assembly will run at room temperature, but the newer one will not. Could the thermostat also affect the voltage measured at the L and N ports?

The newer ice maker has a potted device on the black lead of the wiring harness that clips to the ice mold while the older one does not; I think I measured about 75 ohms resistance in the lead with device. What is the purpose of it? Also, what is the purpose of the little white slotted screw on both motor module's side that seems to move a set of contacts in the motor housing?

I'd like to be sure the ice maker module is the real problem before I spend $125. Right now the older motor module on the newer ice maker will run a cycle on the counter at room temp with 120V applied to black and white leads, but it still won't run when plugged into the refrigerator's connector.

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