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Default Whirlpool GD5RHAXNB00 - Ice maker stopped working

2005 or 2006 Whirlpool GD5RHAXNB00 - Ice maker stopped working

The ice maker stopped working after a week long power outage in January of this year and the first thing I found when I finally got around to diagnosing it was an open coil on the ice maker water inlet valve which I replaced and tested with an external 120 V source and when energized water flowed from the ice maker tube, but still no normal operation. The light on the infrared receiver is on solid with the slider in ON position and it flashes with the slider in the OFF position.

I removed the ice makers motor head cover and measured 107 volts at the N and L test ports (and on the black and white Ice maker plug leads), but when I inserted a jumper in the H and T ports with the ice maker connected, the motor did not run and the N-L voltage went to zero.

I removed the motor head and applied 120V from an external source to the motor leads and it ran through a full rotation. I WD40d the motor head plug and internal pin contacts and reassembled, but it still does not turn with a H to T jumper.

When I removed the motor head cover the first time, a little piece of white plastic 1/8"wide, 1/16"thick, and 3/8"long with one rounded end and one angled/broken end fell out, but I can't see a mating surface on any of the white plastic arms inside. All the inside contacts and circuit strips looked clean and bright.

Suggestions for further testing would be greatly appreciated.
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