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Default GE refrigerators (GS* & PS* models), the evaporator fan motor test and replacement.
Brand: GE   Age: Less than 1 year   

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Unplug the refrigerator before going further!

Disassemble procedure:

1. Remove the four ” ice maker bracket screws located at the four corners of the bracket.

2. Remove the two ” ice dispenser drive mounting bracket screws and remove the brackets.

3. Remove the two ” upper evaporator fan ductwork screws.

4. Unlock the tabs and remove the lower evaporator fan ductwork.

5. Remove the four ” evaporator cover screws and remove the cover.

6. Remove the two ” upper evaporator fan duct work screws located at the lower portion of the ductwork.

7. Using a small flat screwdriver, unlock the tabs for the ice maker and dispenser cables.

8. Slide the upper fan ductwork out.

9. Disconnect the evaporator fan wiring harness.

To test the evaporator fan motor skip to the test procedure, otherwise proceed further.

10. Remove the ” screw for the evaporator fan ground wire.

11. Remove the two ” evaporator fan bracket mounting screws located at either side of the bracket.

12. Remove the evaporator fan assembly.

NOTE: The evaporator thermistor must be replaced when replacing the fan.

The evaporator fan motor test procedure:

1. Unplug the refrigerator to reset the main control board.

2. Warm up the freezer thermistor to 70F and set the temperature controls to middle settings.

3. Reconnect the power.

4. Check for 13 VDC from the red to the white wire and between 8 to 13 VDC from the white to the yellow wire at the evaporator fan connector.

5. If there is correct voltage for both, then the evaporator fan motor has to be replaced.

6. If the voltage is incorrect, then the main control board has to be replaced.

7. If the voltage is incorrect, check the resistance between the white to the red wire and the white to the yellow wire. If it’s less than 1K ohm, the evaporator fan motor is shorted and has to be replaced.

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