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Question Absolutely necessary?

to work on one of the burners?
What kind of "work"? Most service to them is done from the top unless access to its gas supply is needed.

How do I lift up the stove [top]
Your model has 'sealed' burners. The burner bases are secured to the top with screws around their perimeter. All of those burner bases would have to have their screws removed first and there might be additional screws for the top under the front lip of the cooktop.

Do NOT attempt to raise the top without first disconnecting each of the burners bases from it. Damage to the gas supply tubing can result otherwise.

The burner base screws frequently become 'seized' in place with age making them difficult (and sometimes impossible) to remove. If the screw heads get stripped or the screws break in the process of removal, the burner base(s) would then usually have to be replaced... along with each of the damaged screws. It is best to try to avoid tampering with their mounting unless it is absolutely necessary.


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