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Default My machine does the same as the person quoted below

Below is exactly what the machine my daughter got second hand does. I will try to reset this machine as you suggested to Jim and see what happens. If this does not fix the problem, I will contact you next week.

[quote=jimc_lmc;16246]My Whirpool Quiet Partner III will not run. The model is GU2548XTPS3. The "clean" LED flashes 7 times slowly and pauses, then flashes 7 times and pauses, etc. When I set the options and press start, the "start" LED blinks 3 times fast and goes off. The other LEDs stay on and the "time" displays "--" and the "clean" LED flashes as described above (7 times, pause, etc.). After about a minute, the other option LEDs go out and only the "clean" blinks and pauses as described.

When I press "cancel" the timer shows "2" and I can hear the drain pump go on. Again, the "clean" LED blinks and pauses as above. After 2 minutes, the timer counts down and the pump stops.

No combination of cleaning cycle options seems to work. I have tried turning off the power to see if it would reset. The problem persisted.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
Sharon Keith
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