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Default Frigidaire Front Loader Spin Cycle Fails, noisily.

Originally Posted by mb250c View Post
Wash with slow tumble is fine. There is no leaking that I can see.
As the spin cycle picks up speed, I hear a loud rapping, as if something like a belt was slapping against something with each revolution. It can get pretty loud. Also, with the machine empty, if I reach in and try to move the drum, the drum seems to move excessively easil Any, to the point of feeling flimsy. (there's a word that I don't get to use often enough!) Any ideas?
I am experiencing the exact same problem with a Frigidaire Model CRTF1240ASO front-loader. I've posted the problem on "" also, but that site does not seem to be as rigorous as this site in working through problems. I'm being told there "sounds like a rear bearing" and "sounds like a broken basket spider. Time for a new washer..."

I have the tools, the experience, and the desire to fix this if someone out there has the technical details or advice. I might spend over $400 of my own time working on it, but I would consider that to be "entertainment!"

I'm a former nuke submariner. While I was Chief Engineer, we once replaced the broken stem of a steam reducing valve with the shaft of a Craftsman screwdriver! Throw me a bone!

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