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Glad to hear you beat the fridge.

I would put a post in the correct forum category for the freezer and the dishwasher with the model numbers.

Yes it could be there is ice in the freezer lid especially if the lid liner is cracked.
Many hinges on old chest freezers have some adjustment. Take a look for slotted holes or extra places for the hinge springs to connect.

Some rinse aid dispensers are mechanical re: a lever runs on a cam on the timer. Sometimes a spring can let go so the lever does not track on the cam, the result is no rinse aid.

Kenmore's are usually Maytag/Whirlpool they often use a wax motor to open the rinse aid. It has a piston that is pushed out by melting wax in a cylinder. Then as the wax solidifies it is pulled back in. Sort of like a slow moving solenoid. If the heater element burns out then the piston will not push out and you do not get any rinse aid. This is not uncommon. Remove one wire from the wax motor and check it for continuity. If open (infinite resistance), it needs replacing.

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