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Cool Ignitor or gas valve

My oven does not heat up. Pilot light is on.
Your range uses a glow ignitor so it has no "pilot" (see the following link). I assume the glow you report is the ignitor glowing.

You can read about how common gas oven ignition systems work and the observations and tests necessary to start diagnosing problems with them at the following link:

LINK > Understanding Gas Oven Ignition Systems

If the oven ignitor is glowing but no gas is being released into the oven burner to be lit, the problem could be in the ignitor or the oven gas valve. And yes, an ignitor can glow and still be defective.

Special tools (an ammeter or amprobe) are required to accurately determine which is responsible. Most homeowners don't have such a tool to perform the testing needed to find the cause with certainty. If you wanted to guess and hope for the best, the ignitor is the most common troublemaker in such an ignition system.

LINK > Magic Chef 3121XTA Oven Ignitor


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