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Originally Posted by Gene View Post
Most likely the problem is a bad (open) thermal fuse on the back of the oven (#37 on the diagram).

- The part number for the thermal fuse is AP3885687

Here are the breakdown diagrams and Replacement parts for WHIRLPOOL RBS305PDB16 |

I was having the same problem with by RBS305PDB16 after using the self-cleaning cycle for the first time. Also besides not heating, the temperature up button would not function in any mode nor the Cancel Button (had to flip fuse.), oven light button (light works though), or timer.

I replaced the thermal fuse tonight with the part you stated. Now when I hit the bake button, it will preheat to 350 degrees (some progress) but I still cannot get the above mentioned buttons to work. I can use the Timed Bake button and set it to 1 minute to get it to shut off. I tried cycling the power and even locking/unlocking the keypad but nothing.

Is this all typically part of the same problem/cause or is it multiple problems? Any suggestions?

(in reference to Dan O's note above, I will start a new topic if needed; but that was one of my symptoms and my model so I thought this was on-topic.)

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